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Delta Daddy Lab Tests

Banana Gold Batch# fmu-C711 -Lab Result

Blue Dreaming Batch# fmu-C811 -Lab Result

Durban Poison Batch# fmu-C411 -Lab Result

Fruit Kush Batch# fmu-C111 -Lab Result

Nilla Kush Batch# fmu-C911 -Lab Result

Northern Lights Batch# fmu-C311 -Lab Result

Pineapple Express Batch# fmu-C211 -Lab Result

Strawberry Cough Batch# fmu-C511 -Lab Result

Watermelon Skitz Batch# fmu-C611 -Lab Result

Delta 8 Cartridges Blended Distillate Full Panel Test - Lab Result

Blue Dreaming Batch# fmu-B811 -Lab Result

Nilla Kush Batch# fmu-B911 -Lab Result

Pineapple Express Batch# fmu-B211 -Lab Result

Purple Haze Batch# fmu-B011 -Lab Result

Watermelon Skitz Batch# fmu-B611 -Lab Result

Batch FMU-BX1X Blended Flower Full Panel - Lab Result

Durban Poison Batch# fmu-J542 -Lab Result 

Northern Lights Joints Batch# fmu-J532 -Lab Result 

Pineapple Express Batch# fmu-J521 -Lab Result

Blue Dreaming Batch# fmu-F801 -Lab Result

Durban Poison Batch# fmu-F401 -Lab Result 

Nilla Kush Batch# fmu-F901 -Lab Result

Pineapple Express Batch# fmu-F201 -Lab Result

Watermelon Skitz Batch# fmu-F601 -Lab Result 

Durban Poison Batch# fmu-S410 -Lab Result 

Northern Lights Batch# fmu-S310 -Lab Result 

Pineapple Express Batch# fmu-S210 -Lab Result 

Delta 8 THC-O Gummies (Red Bag) - 10 ct/bag or 30ct/jar Lab Result

Hemp Derived D9 Gummies (Green Bag) - 10ct/bag or 30ct/jar Lab Result

Up Gummies (Yellow Bag) -10ct/bag or 30ct/jar Lab Result

Down Gummies (Purple Bag) -10ct/bag or 30ct/jar Lab Result

Delta 8 Gummies - 12ct/bag or 30ct/jar Lab Result

HHC-O Gummies - 10ct/bag or 30ct/jar Lab Result

Grand Daddy Purp Batch #DDLVGDPB1DIST-D10 - Delta 10 Lab Results

Grand Daddy Purp Batch #DDLVGDPB1DIST-THCO - THCO Lab Results

Jack Herer Batch# DDLVJHB1DIST-D10 - Delta 10 Lab Results 

Jack Herer Batch #DDLVJHB1DIST-THCO - THCO Lab Results

OG Kush OG Batch # DDLVOGB1DIST-D10 - Delta 10 Lab Results

Sunny Gelato Batch # DDLVSGB1DIST-D10 - Delta 10 Lab Results 

Sunny Gelato Batch # DDLVSGB1DIST-THCO - THCO Lab Results 

Delta Daddy L!VE Distillate Full Panel Test - Lab Results

Nilla Kush Batch# fkmu-901.2 -Lab Result

Hitterz Batch 1 Blended Distillate Full Panel Test - Lab Results

A Partnership You Can Trust

Third Party Testing is Required on all Partner Brands Carried by plurHEMP

Other Brands Lab Tests

Apples and Bananas HHC Blunt

Berry Pie HHC Blunt

Cheetah Piss HHC Blunt

Gelatti Delta 8 Blunt

Georgia Pie Delta 8 Blunt

Grand Daddy Pluto HHC Blunt

Honey Bun HHC Blunt

London Pound Cake 75 Delta 8 Blunt

Pancakes Delta 8 Blunt

Sweet Tea Delta 8 Blunt

Birthday Cake Budde

rBubblegum OG Budder

Chernobyl Budder

Durban Poison Budder

Gelato Budder

Girl Scout Cookies Budder

Orange Soda Budder

Skywalker OG Budder

Sour Diesel Budder

Strawberry Shortcake Budder

Watermelon OG Budder

Yoda OG Budder

Packwoods 600mg Coned (6pk Bag)

Packwoods Delta 8 Blunts

Hi On Nature 1000mg Delta 8 Sour Worms (10pk Bag)

Hi On Nature 2500mg Delta 8 Space Rings (10pk Bag)

Freak Brothers Freaky Bears 250mg HHC (10pk Bag)

Freak Brothers Freaky Worms 1000mg THCO (10pk Bag)

Freak Brothers Freaky Rings 2500mg Delta 8 (10pk Bag)

Baked Bags 150mg Coned Test Results (6pk Bag)

Apricity Blood Orange Seltzer Test Results

plurHEMP Lotion Base Test Results

plurHEMP Cooling Cream Test

ResultsplurHEMP Salve Test Results

plurHEMP Cartridge Base Test Results

plurHEMP Tincture Base Test Results

plurHEMP RISE Tincture Test Results

plurHEMP REST Tincture Test Results

Dark Chocolate Minis Lab Test Result

Milk Chocolate Minis Lab Test Result

Cookies and Cream Minis Lab Test Result

Butter Cream Caramels Lab Test Result

Peanut Butter Nuggets Lab Test Result

Hard Candies Lab Test Result

Caramel Popcorn Lab Test Result

Large Milk Chocolate Bar Test Result

Large Dark Chocolate Bar Test Result

Broad Spectrum Gummies Lab Test Results

25mg Delta 8 Gummies Lab Test Results

THC-O Gummies Lab Test Results

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