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Why We Wouldn’t Buy CBD From a Gas Station

Why We Wouldn’t Buy CBD From a Gas Station

CBD has become a major commodity over the course of the last few years. Everyone has at least heard of somebody benefiting from using some form of CBD or Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. While science still has some catching up to do on exactly what or how much CBD has notable effects, everyone seems to notice relatively different level of effectiveness.

CBD popping up in every corner shop and video store has helped greatly with the overall awareness of the availability of products. But how do you know that what you’re buying is what it says? Is the clerk selling you that product able to tell you about it? Can you see any lab testing results before you make your purchase?

One thing that should be important in influencing your purchase of a CBD product is the confidence you feel when buying. You won’t typically find a convenience store or gas station that provides one-on-one service quite like a specialty store or dedicated CBD retailer and if you are looking for specific results, your experience won’t be catered to your personal needs. You should be comfortable when shopping for CBD and learning about the available options, high pressure sales or generic responses don’t help build that confidence in new products.

Over the last year or so, a few news sources have taken it upon themselves to have popular CBD brands tested for content. Surprisingly, a handful of products have had less than impressive results, either containing significantly less CBD than stated on the package or in some cases not containing any at all. A few of these brands were widely available in gas stations or head shops. This isn’t to say that all brands in those locations suffer from this mishap, however, the “impulse-buy” brands stood out in the studies conducted. Third party lab testing should be an important factor when considering which CBD brand to buy. Understanding what numbers represent the cannabinoid content in a product can take a bit of time to understand and it can be daunting to comb through tests to find exactly what you’re looking for, but that’s where specialty shops thrive. Specialty retail stores that focus on CBD typically take time to review test results and can offer recommendations based on either those or personal experiences.

When shopping for CBD there are a few things that you should watch for. If a company doesn’t have or won’t present lab tests when you ask for them, it might be appropriate to question why. If a company is making unbelievable relief claims, try not to buy into all of them. CBD is a wonderful compound, but is by no means a cure all, and making these health claims is currently not allowed by the FDA. Find a store or company that not only is comfortable for you to shop with, but is informative, and helpful in catering to your CBD experience.

plurHEMP is happy to provide every retailer with accurate and current lab tests, as well as make them publicly available to our consumers on our Lab Testing page.