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About Us


After entering the CBD space in 2018, the plurHEMP team spent 4 years building relationships with trusted companies. Following consumer demand and the rise of Delta 8 the team went to work with those partners to source high quality products and fill a gap in supply around Wisconsin.

Hand selected partner brands help set us apart from other wholesalers, products picked by retailers for retailers. This unique advantage allows us to pilot products in retail stores before we sell them to you, ensuring that every product we source sells not only for us, but for you too.

High standards at the ground level means that your customers are only getting the best. Educated team members can dial in what products may fit your market best and provide knowledge on new and emerging cannabinoids, all while ensuring that what’s on your shelf stays compliant. Rest assured, that as the market shifts, so do we. Keeping up with the industry is more than a job, it’s a passion and hobby.